Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Accounting/ Bookkeeping and Tax Services made Easy

So it is close to year end and you are stressed because you neglected to keep your accounting records up-to-date.   Don’t let this happen to you again when it is as simple as hiring BAS Partners to keep you in compliance with all your tax and bookkeeping needs.  BAS Partners offers a unique package.  For one low monthly cost we offer you the complete accounting package:

·         Monthly Bookkeeping services – which includes your profit and lost statement so you know how much you are truly making

·         All Tax related filings so you have comfort in knowing you are in compliance with tax laws

·         Unlimited consultation so you can understand what is going on with your company in the areas of accounting and tax

We also make it easy and affordable by offering:

·         One low monthly fee

·         We pick up the records we need (i.e. bank statements, receipts) or provide you with a pre-paid /pre-addressed envelope so you can mail it in

·         We deliver your P&L and tax documents by either dropping it off at your place of business, mailing it to you , or via our secure client login on our website – whichever you prefer

View this video on how easy and affordable to hire BAS Partners for your:  accounting services, bookkeeping services and tax preparation services.



BAS Partners Background:

BAS Partners is a Certified Florida CPA firm.  It was started by a group of CPAs that worked for the largest international accounting firms.  The Partners started the firm because they saw a need to bring expertise to small and midsize companies at an affordable cost.  We offer of bookkeeping and tax services to businesses as small as start-ups.


It is the mission of BAS Partners to develop partnerships with emerging as well as established businesses in order to add value in the areas of accounting, audit, tax and consulting. With our experience, expertise and integrity we will foster an environment that will enable our clients to view us as their trusted business advisor.


Contact us at 1-866-678-6588 for a quote now!



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